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We design and implement Industrial Innovation Systems

As a well-selected group of entrepreneurs with a proven track record, we accelerate the innovative growth of established companies.

Market-oriented action

We accelerate market-oriented entrepreneurial activities.

Sparring Partner

We work with our clients.

Team and Talent Expertise

We strengthen in-house talents and create high performance teams.


We build an individualized ideation process and challenge in-house talents.

Exploiting business interfaces

We succeed by exploiting business interface potentials.

Incorporating market interfaces

More and more companies are running R & D departments to get fit for the future market. The permanent incorporation of the essential market interfaces ensures the success of this department.

Open up key people interfaces

People can work wonders in the right team composition.

People can do wonders in the right team composition. Let’s start to build your first High Performance Team.

The world is changing very fast.

Established companies are struggling to hold onto global leadership as markets change through digital transformation.

“Conscious innovation results from a chance analysis, systemic evaluation and hard work. It can be taught, reproduced and learned,” says the management legend Peter Ferdinand Drucker. “And that it was far more dangerous to defend the past than to shape tomorrow business.”

Thinking outside the box: Adorable Innovation

Searching for world-renowned and valued innovation we’re speaking with the dynamic Austrian orthopedic surgeon, Univ. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Graf.

Through his innovation in the method of ultrasound examination for the diagnosis of the so-called “congenital hip dislocation” for babies, through the now possible early diagnosis has made the lives of many people easier. The world-wide requested invention has also led to a massive relief of the health systems by the reduction of operations and the associated costs.

“For me, my family is adorable! I admit, also because it represents an essential part of the environment in which innovation can happen to me.”

Factors for innovation

The decisive factor for innovation in the case of my invention was curiosity,” continued Graf.

“Of course, it took years for our invention to reach the patients in today’s level and thereby becomming an innovation in medicine. The great health benefits of this method have been shown to me from the very beginning. The opportunity to give many people a better life was a great motivation, “says the legendary innovator.

“Thinking about innovation it comes to my mind: You have to have stupid ideas, otherwise it will be without suitable results. But it is also about structure, discipline and curiosity, even a genius gets bogged down, if nobody shows the direction.”

Personal Assessment Test and innovative career development

Individualized ideation process

Thanks, to all participants, we have had a very successfull application event in Erste Group for the Austrian Lawyers Association.

Innovation and Personal Assessment Test 

It was the first time that we have used our international experience in applying personal assessment tests in live application training. This event is gaining in importance. It aims to accelerate innovative business growth in established companies. It supports the  professional career of talents.

Senior Executives and Partners as live Interviewers

Internationally experienced executives an partners from highly competitive  branches formed the ranks of the interviewers.

The interviewed Talents managed the whole evening in an outstanding way.

Talents look in their professional mirror

The active participants and I had a lot of fun. This, within the  the preparatory application coaching session. Some of the talents got the chance to look in the mirror of their professional behaviour. Others decited to invest in this service later on. This to speed up their personal career development.

Fun usually leads to people success

The final feedback of all Interviewers was very positiv and humorous.  Congratulations, you have very interesting careers ahead of you!

Personal Assessment Test and World Best User

The most professional Personal Assessment Test is used by the world best user. Talents use Assessment Tests as a mirror for their professional behaviour. We suggest to use Personal Asessments Tests with the world best and most innovative user IDEAS BUSINESS! The Feedback session accelerates your professional world.

Innovation in Application

Live Application and Assessment with training

All active participants receive an executive coaching in advance.


Organizer: Juristenverband; Mandatory registration required!

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 6:30 pm

Location: Erste Campus Belvedere, Vienna 10th, Am Belvedere 1

Moderation and application coaching: Peter Spiess, CEO, IDEASBUSINESS.  “We built relationship based on the results and usage of the best personal assessment test and personal logic test,” says Spiess.


  • Mag. Sabine Binder-Krieglstein, Binder Grösswang
  • Mag. Anne Frank, Erste Bank of the Austrian Sparkassen AG
  • Mag. Ursula Hückel, WKO
  • Mag. Christoph Brogyányi, DORDA
  • Hon-Prof. Georg Schima, M.B.L. HSG, LL.M. (Vaduz), sms

Innovation factor market

In this event we smoothly integrate on our our innovation factor to the market. We present a new model to activate the potential of internal talents to the market. In paralell we implement a new model to exploit the market interface potentials by assessing the right business factors for choosen talents. IDEASBUSINESS will finally sent a new model to optimize the interfaces between teams to the high performance requesting market.  The behaviour of a responsible business manager is predictable and can be seen in high quality personal Assements combined with the world best user.

Personal Assessment

The best personal assessment test makes you stronger and more secure in your professional behaviour and decission making.

Internationally proven assessement

The best personal assessments tests are proven internationally in recruiting and motivation processes.

Prediction of behaviour:

Behaviour is quite consistent over time and across different situations – shortly put: we do what we usually do.

Personality and situation has an impact on behaviour.


It is neighter a web based test nor a single person.

It is a combination of highly trained people and the most valuable people test system.