To ensure evidence based politics

The mission of the IDEAS INSTITUTE is to ensure evidence-based economic politics.

Doing the right things

“It’s not about doing the right things, you have to do things right,” Peter Ferdinand Drucker.

Quantitative Analysis according to social science criteria

We use quantitative data collection methodology in highest standards and provide analysis according to social science criteria.

The resulting qualitative recommendation forms the basis for evidence-based action.

Market driven politics

It’s about involving the market in decisions, with all the peculiarities and segmentations to understand it.

What should I do?

And how do I communicate that everyone understands it correctly?

Qualitative Analysis accelerate innovative growth

With the qualitative business analysis we evaluate established companies as well as innovation branches and scalable business ideas at the highest level.


Directors of the Institute: Peter Spiess, CEO ideas business GmbH | Peter Haric, Leading Companies Austria Institute, Doctor Economics | Can Mert, Senior Data Scientist , Doctor of Engineering