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The ultrasound of the infant hip is a lovable innovation.

university Prof. Prof.hc. dr medical univ. Reinhard Graf

In search of world-famous and valued innovations, we speak to the dynamic Austrian orthopedic surgeon university Prof. Prof.hc Dr.med.univ. Reinhard Graf about “Loveable Innovations”. Infant hip ultrasound is a wonderful innovation. "Almost every one of us had it, but almost nobody knows it," says Peter Spieß.

Thanks to his innovation in the method of ultrasound examination to diagnose so-called “congenital hip dislocation” for babies, the early detection that is now possible has made life easier for many people. The invention, in demand around the world, has also massively relieved the burden on health systems by reducing operations and the associated costs.

“My family is adorable to me! I admit, also because it is an essential part of the environment in which innovation can happen to me. "

Factors for innovation

"Of the  decisive factor Curiosity was responsible for the innovation in my invention, ”continued Graf.

“Of course, it took years for our invention to reach today's patient standards and become an innovation in medicine. The great health benefits of this method have been shown to me from the start. The opportunity to give many people a better life was a great motivation, ”says the legendary innovator.

“When I think about innovation, I think: You have to have stupid ideas, otherwise there won't be any suitable results. But it is also about structure, discipline and curiosity, even a genius gets stuck if no one gives the direction. "

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Peter Spieß, CEO, DIGITAL EXPERT ideas business GmbH, lawyer, economist, trainer | Peter Haric, Leitbetriebe Austria Institute, Doctor of Economics | Can Mert, Senior Data Scientist, Doctor of Engineering