"As the Austrian group for mechanical and plant engineering, we supply technologies and services to our customers and are among the world's leading suppliers. The at the ideas business GmbH commissioned qualitative business analysis, in relation to one of our core products in METALS, is of high quality and has been implemented efficiently. From external partners, I expect trust, reliability and "fresh air" for the company, exactly these expectations were met. We have drawn interesting conclusions from the analysis and received the given innovative impulses to be discussed. This strategic steering tool can be recommended. "

DI, Dr. Heinz Autischer, Group Senior Vice President, Global Head of METALS, ANDRITZ AG

"We have received a lot of input from ideas business GmbH. This applies to all our business areas, in the areas of innovative, market-oriented, strategic orientation. The expertise of IDEAS BUSINESS has given us the great potential of our company. In particular, in our personal care and nursing division, the know-how of our employees was treated very sensitively and with great care. The business dialogues led to interesting conclusions, which were accompanied by adjustments in the company orientation. Our wishes were fulfilled by IDEAS BUSINESS. We were very satisfied with the personal and very warm care by their CEO Peter Spieß. "

Natalie Lottersberger, Managing Partner, Care Ring GmbH

"The ideas business GmbH is our partner when it comes to innovation in the application process and the innovative support of the legal professional life within the framework of the Bar Association. The event "no cure no pay" was very successful and well attended. Since 2018, this event has become an integral part of the live assessment training entitled "INNOVATION IN APPLICATION". As a lawyer's association, we want to make our services innovative and sustainable. The IDEAS BUSINESS accompanies us with Peter Spieß on this way for years and we appreciate this partnership very much. I can recommend this company to the best of my knowledge. "

Mag. Susanne Schöner, General Secretary of the Lawyers Association, ret

"It is good to have carried out this qualitative company analysis with ideas business GmbH and Leitbetriebe Austria Institut.

I expected a critical approach; these expectations were met; It is very helpful to get alternative business solution suggestions. The adjustments we have made in recent months are included in the analysis results.

I can recommend the IDEAS BUSINESS as "innovation motor" with this innovative enterprise control tool in the form used by us with best conscience. "

Jürgen Brettschneider, Managing Director, MAUTNER MARKHOF Feinkost GmbH

"As NOUS Digital, we combine strategy, technology and creativity into an intelligent user experience. This qualitative business analysis carried out with ideas business GmbH and Leitbetriebe Austria Institute was critical and of high quality. The personally conducted interviews were interesting, innovative and gave me the opportunity to reflect critically. The time required of a few hours - in relation to the quality of the result - was very low and could be well integrated into the "daily business". My expectations for "ideas" and their qualitative business analysis were more than fulfilled. After the analysis, we have implemented the entrepreneurial steps planned by NOUS and Pocket Science even more convincingly and strategically strengthened. It seems to me a good idea to integrate this trustworthy, entrepreneurial steering instrument into our NOUS business life as well as into the segment of our partners and customers.

Wolfgang Schreiner, CEO and Partner, NOUS Knowledge Management GmbH

"My conclusion after the very interesting and entertaining analysis process is very positive.

The next entrepreneurial steps are outlined and systematically and scientifically scrutinized by the qualitative business analysis of ideas business GmbH in cooperation with Leitbetriebe Austria Institute in a joint open dialogue. Rarely have I talked to my company about high-level, innovative and mutually trusting relationships; and also with an external partner. I have chosen to recommend IDEAS as a partner for innovative business development in my business environment. I feel understood and look forward to the next steps together. "

Dr. Harald Schnidar, PhD in Genetics, Executive MBA in General Management, Managing Director of SCARLETRED Holding GmbH

"We congratulate our Austrian partner" IDEAS BUSINESS "for a very smooth and innovative recruiting process.

Dennie Stevens, Director, Human Resources - Europe, UNDER ARMOR

"We are working very successfully with IDEAS BUSINESS as a partner for systematic business development and qualitative business analysis.

Our common goal is to drive thinking and acting with business success factors by assessing their strategy, planning and execution, and identifying revenue drivers and financial potential at the industry level. All this with the help of international benchmarks. "

Dr. Peter Haric, Leitbetriebe Austria Institute