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Peter Spiess, CEO, digital expert: "Every idea is initially valuable - but ultimately it is measured by the commercial success of its implementation." 


Peter Spiess, CEO

Peter Spiess is an expert in digitization and business development.

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The founder story

"The result of our actions shapes our relationship to time." Peter Spieß: CEO, ideas business GmbH
When Peter Spieß needs a really good idea – and above all the right idea – he goes to his family or to Schönbrunn Zoo. Here he can observe evolution live in all its diversity, his head clears, his thoughts flow. His credo: Every idea is first of all valuable - but finally it is measured by the business success of its implementation. The passionate entrepreneur has found his vocation in well-founded innovation support: as a creative entrepreneur with a down-to-earth attitude, always oscillating between renewal, doership and a love of support and implementation on the market. This is also reflected in his CV: at a young age, the son of a public health officer and a teacher wanted to prove to himself that he could create a successful company out of nothing: “I have always been performance-oriented, ambitious and extroverted. I wanted to see where I would end up when I was on my own and turned my passion into my job," he says. In 1993, at the age of just 21, the sports and law student and enthusiastic tennis player and swimmer founded the first tennis, sports and leisure school (TSF Schule) in the Murau region. He created a job for himself, "because there were hardly any job profiles for sports scientists," he says. At that time it was still relatively easy to enter an undeveloped market without competition with a unique selling proposition. "Today, in the environment of digitization and global markets, it's more complex," he says. And that is precisely the challenge that he gladly accepts when he accompanies entrepreneurs, their products and services as a sparring partner. Tennis camps, swimming lessons and performance training After several years of successfully offering tennis camps, swimming courses and performance training in eleven towns with his sports school "TSF - Schule", Peter Spieß moved to Vienna after completing his law studies: he completed his court year and accepted a job offer at Europe's largest in 2000 large format printing company Eclipse, initially as a seller. After only two months, he was promoted to commercial law managing director of the Vienna office for the Austrian market. After four years and a merger, with Société Générale as the main owner, he also took on an assignment for the management in Berlin for the German and Swiss area. What he enjoyed most was deepening customer relationships with innovative ideas and exciting customer events: On Ski race on the Kreischberg, an entertaining creative event in the Urania and customer visits with Asian specialties in Berlin - a refreshingly different way of customer loyalty in the printing industry. When it comes to customer acquisition, Spieß is increasingly relying on the integration of digital and automated processes. In marketing, too, he begins to narrow down his own target group through digital advertising banners and to get to know them better. Top performance, innovations and digital and measurable results Peter Spieß, as a digital expert, integrated the digital business world and the associated measurability of entrepreneurial measures very successfully. In 2003 he founded a consulting company, which in 2004 became the “advantages” agency in Geneva. In 2007, ideas consulting GmbH emerged from this, within the framework of which he also coached top athletes in matters of high performance. In 2011 he started with the headhunting brand and innovation "Interim Management Woman" to attract women for temporary top positions.
The digital measurability of the future potential of business ideas, products and services Today's specialization of IDEAS BUSINESS GmbH is on of digital innovation development  and thus on professional support in the offline and online development process of business ideas and sales partnerships. The use of high-quality evaluation methods for people and teams also plays a synergetically important role in this context. Digital Business Agency> With the brands IDEAS BUSINESS, IDEAS CLINIC, and since 10 2022 with LEARNING HOSPITAL , Peter Spieß sets a sign of the times. With his team of experts, he supports innovative people and companies in turning good ideas, products and services into successful business, in which he, as a digital expert, integrates the right digital building blocks - clearly, measurably and sustainably. Editor: Nicole Thurn,  newworkstories