Personal Assessment

The best personal assessment test makes you stronger. We make you more secure in your professional behaviour and decission making.

Internationally proven Assessement Test

The best personal assessments tests are proven internationally. We use it in recruiting and motivation processes.

Prediction of professional behaviour

Behaviour is quite consistent over time and across different situations – shortly put: we do what we usually do.

Personality and situation has an impact on behaviour.


It is neighter a web based test nor a single person. We accept your privacy.

It is a combination of highly trained people and the most valuable people test system.


  • Recruitment
  • Ideal profiles
  • Talent selection
  • Career planning
  • Staff development interview

More self-propelled, More responsibility, More clear and targeted communication (”direct” speech), Consciousness of own role (what it means to the organisation / the totality in the process), Work life/private life, stress

  • Motivation and job satisfaction
  • Staff retention