Personal Assessment Test and innovative career development

Thanks, to all participants, we have had a very successfull application event in Erste Group for the Austrian Lawyers Association.

Innovation and Personal Assessment Test 

It was the first time that we have used our international experience in applying personal assessment tests in live application training. This event is gaining in importance. It aims to accelerate innovative business growth in established companies. It supports the  professional career of talents.

Senior Executives and Partners as live Interviewers

Internationally experienced executives an partners from highly competitive  branches formed the ranks of the interviewers.

The interviewed Talents managed the whole evening in an outstanding way.

Talents look in their professional mirror

The active participants and I had a lot of fun. This, within the  the preparatory application coaching session. Some of the talents got the chance to look in the mirror of their professional behaviour. Others decited to invest in this service later on. This to speed up their personal career development.

Fun usually leads to people success

The final feedback of all Interviewers was very positiv and humorous.  Congratulations, you have very interesting careers ahead of you!

Personal Assessment Test and World Best User

The most professional Personal Assessment Test is used by the world best user. Talents use Assessment Tests as a mirror for their professional behaviour. We suggest to use Personal Asessments Tests with the world best and most innovative user IDEAS BUSINESS! The Feedback session accelerates your professional world.

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