Innovation in Application

Live Application and Assessment with training

All active participants receive an executive coaching in advance.


Organizer: Juristenverband; Mandatory registration required!

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 6:30 pm

Location: Erste Campus Belvedere, Vienna 10th, Am Belvedere 1

Moderation and application coaching: Peter Spiess, CEO, IDEASBUSINESS.  “We built relationship based on the results and usage of the best personal assessment test and personal logic test,” says Spiess.


  • Mag. Sabine Binder-Krieglstein, Binder Grösswang
  • Mag. Anne Frank, Erste Bank of the Austrian Sparkassen AG
  • Mag. Ursula Hückel, WKO
  • Mag. Christoph Brogyányi, DORDA
  • Hon-Prof. Georg Schima, M.B.L. HSG, LL.M. (Vaduz), sms

Innovation factor market

In this event we smoothly integrate on our our innovation factor to the market. We present a new model to activate the potential of internal talents to the market. In paralell we implement a new model to exploit the market interface potentials by assessing the right business factors for choosen talents. IDEASBUSINESS will finally sent a new model to optimize the interfaces between teams to the high performance requesting market.  The behaviour of a responsible business manager is predictable and can be seen in high quality personal Assements combined with the world best user.

Personal Assessment

The best personal assessment test makes you stronger and more secure in your professional behaviour and decission making.

Internationally proven assessement

The best personal assessments tests are proven internationally in recruiting and motivation processes.

Prediction of behaviour:

Behaviour is quite consistent over time and across different situations – shortly put: we do what we usually do.

Personality and situation has an impact on behaviour.


It is neighter a web based test nor a single person.

It is a combination of highly trained people and the most valuable people test system.


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