Innovative Business Growth

Our mission is to create and implement innovative business together with established companies

As a well-selected group of entrepreneurs with a proven track record, we accelerate the innovative growth of established companies.

Exploiting business interfaces

We succeed by exploiting business interface potentials.

Imagine an order has to be fulfilled within one day. You have a machine that produces high quality parts within 8 hours. In the following 8 hours, these parts are carefully assembled to have 4 hours for packaging and 4 hours for delivery. Perfect if the interfaces of production, assembly and delivery work flawlessly.

Incorporating market interfaces

More and more companies are running R & D departments to get fit for the future market. The permanent incorporation of the essential market interfaces ensures the success of this department.

Open up key people interfaces

People can do wonders. However, we need the right ingredients for this. One of them is motivation through the right composition of people and a challenging common task.

The world is changing very fast.

Established companies are struggling to hold onto global leadership as markets change through digital transformation.

“Conscious innovation results from a chance analysis, systemic evaluation and hard work. It can be taught, reproduced and learned,” says the management legend Peter Ferdinand Drucker. “And that it was far more dangerous to defend the past than to shape tomorrow business.”

Adorable Innovation

Searching for world-renowned and valued innovation we’re speaking with the dynamic Austrian orthopedic surgeon, Univ. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Graf.

Through his innovation in the method of ultrasound examination for the diagnosis of the so-called “congenital hip dislocation” for babies, through the now possible early diagnosis has made the lives of many people easier. The world-wide requested invention has also led to a massive relief of the health systems by the reduction of operations and the associated costs.

“For me, my family is adorable! I admit, also because it represents an essential part of the environment in which innovation can happen to me.”

Factors for innovation

The decisive factor for innovation in the case of my invention was curiosity,” continued Graf.

“Of course, it took years for our invention to reach the patients in today’s level and thereby becomming an innovation in medicine. The great health benefits of this method have been shown to me from the very beginning. The opportunity to give many people a better life was a great motivation, “says the legendary innovator.

“Thinking about innovation it comes to my mind: You have to have stupid ideas, otherwise it will be without suitable results. But it is also about structure, discipline and curiosity, even a genius gets bogged down, if nobody shows the direction.”